I'm Katie. From 7:30-4:30 I'm a User Interface Designer and in my down time I fly-fish, read, and binge watch old television shows.
2 Samuel 22:33

Anonymous: Hi I'm just curious what you went to school for. Did you get a degree in something web related? What's an ordinary day at work look like in your job?

I went to college for graphic design and took a lot of ux and ui-centered classes specifically. My school didn’t have a “focus” on either of these, so I graduated with a degree in visual communication design and just made sure I spent time studying aspects of design that most interested me in my free time. - An ordinary day at work… well I usually come in and bounce between 2-3 different projects every day. I’m our company’s only designer (we have 6 developers in-house) and so I need to make sure my time is distributed to all of our different projects so that things keep moving on the dev. side of things. There’s meetings in between those projects, but for the most part it’s just working on stuff all day with little breaks here and there.

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The adventures of little ones. Edgy doin some exploring. @gapkids
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'Elk at Storm Pass, RMNP' by Andrew Young

for the wild heart
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Tayler Golden

dinanpttown.jpg by doisneau on Flickr.
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Porter Roach, budding wildlife photographer. Grand Teton National Park.
Submitted by Danny Schmidt
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I can’t wait until our kid grabs one of my cameras and starts shooting. And, if they don’t, that’s fine too. My hope is just that they have the opportunity to see their life and the lives of others through as many lenses as possible.

Just got really excited for wintertime.

This’d be perfect.
Anonymous: Where did you get this boots? The color on them is fantastic!

Thanks! Got them at Nordstrom, but they’re Frye’s.

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Who are your favorites?

I just scrolled (fast) through my Tumblr feed for about 3minutes (this is typically how I do it if I’m doing other things) and I only reblogged one post. 

To me, this means I need to follow some new people. 

If you could recommend one Tumblr for me to follow, who’s would it be?

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Homes should be built around a dinner table and fireplace.