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Vintage pretty: 52 Project
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Less is More by Katie W.
Love this idea.
Anonymous: What are some of your favorite things about your boyfriend?

Alright, so where shall I begin?

His heart of gold, his work-ethic and determination to do well at his jobs, the fact that he prays out loud for us before we eat, his hands, his laugh, his love for learning, the fact that he writes me notes when I least expect it, his affection for me, his choice in cologne, shaving products, body wash, and all things that make him smell good all the time, his ability to make me feel like I’m the only woman in any room we walk in to together, his excitement for the present and our future together. 

Sorry for being mushy, but I love the guy.

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The Journey Begins by Maurizio Fecchio
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Morning Mist (by Matt Hofman)
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Sweet picture. #flyfishing #flyfishingdaily #flyfishingjunky #flyfishingjunkee #fishing #fishon #trout #troutfishing #river #nature #greatpic
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the world or nothing (by mimi c)

New taditional colonial. DeRosa Builders, Greenwich, CT.