I'm Katie. From 7:30-4:30 I'm a User Interface Designer and in my down time I fly-fish, read, and binge watch Netflix
2 Samuel 22:33

Anonymous: Do you get to travel much? What has been your favorite trip? I love your blog by the way.

I don’t travel much, really, and to be honest I don’t have a huge desire to like most people. Little trips here and there are nice because they’re a break from the routine, but I don’t ever desire to go real far. 

My favorite trip was this past Summer to South Carolina with my family and fiance. Good family time doing a whole lotta nothing.

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"I considered what distinguishes the great from the good, or what makes some designers more equipped than others. I concluded that they often inquire beyond the necessary to explore other areas, look at things differently, and bring these findings back into their work."
Simon Collison

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I will always love cozy, little kitchens for tea drinking and late-night conversations.
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Clean home, healthy family, fresh food; things to be thankful for.
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IT Meetings + Cozy Sweaters = Happy Fridays



Stand Tall. Stand Proud. 
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